Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We’re really enjoying a week in Accra:

Well it’s blog time again and it’s definitely getting harder to compose after 14 months in Ghana; all that was new, amazing and challenging to our European senses over a year ago is now the norm and just a part of everyday life.
We’re really enjoying a week in Accra!
We are staying with fellow VSO’s and enjoying the novelty of shops, bars, restaurants, running water, constant electricity and the friendship of the wider VSO network in and around Accra. Accra is changing rapidly, lots of new buildings, swanky shops, a huge shopping mall, more cars and generally much cleaner; it makes the north look even more neglected and poor.

We do update our Lawra Projects page quite frequently; this tracks the progress of funds, raised by family and friends, which we are applying to a small number of projects in Lawra. If you want to see some really good photographs of our travels in Ghana, Burkina Faso and Mali, follow the link.

Brutu Kindergarten Project: The refurbishment of the kindergarten block will come to an official conclusion at the school on July 22nd when Dave and Jan Bullock will be ‘guests of honour’ representing all of the funders at a formal ‘thank you ceremony’. (Support and training for the Kindergarten staff will still continue). We are planning on supporting another Kindergarten, beginning with the fantastic £500 raised by the students at Ysgol Brynhyfryd in Ruthin.

We are taking a well earned break for the next three weeks; Dave and Jan arrive on July 19th when we will head up north to Lawra again and (subject to the rains) visit Burkina Faso and Mali, finishing up on the coast somewhere in Ghana.